About Us

The Greenbelt Community Foundation (GCF) was established in 2006 to serve as a permanent endowment fund to support worthwhile projects in Greenbelt.

The Foundation awards 50% of available funds for grants each year while investing the remaining 50% to build the fund for the future. Most foundations only make 5% of their endowment funds available for grants. We exceed the norm.

Together the Advisory Board is Nourishing all of Greenbelt's Neighborhoods

Together the Advisory Board is Nourishing all of Greenbelt’s Neighborhoods

Since its founding, over $330,000 has been received in contributions from Greenbelt citizens, business owners and governmental organizations. To date, nearly $150,000 of this has been reinvested in the Greenbelt community, such as the Farmers Marker, alight dance theater, Camp Fire, Friends of the Greenbelt Theater, Maker’s Space and the Lady All Stars Basketball mentoring project.

An Advisory Board directs the Foundation and is responsible for proposal solicitation and review, community outreach, and fundraising. Volunteer Advisory Board Members serve a maximum of two conservative two-year terms before rotating off of the Board.

Mission: The mission of the Greenbelt Community Foundation is to promote community projects that build upon the ideals of collaboration, cooperation, and engagement through the generous participation of individuals and organizations.

Vision: Our Vision is for a thriving, engaged community that is socially responsible, environmentally conscious and supports education, the arts and sciences.

The current GCF Advisory Board consists of Chair, Carol Shaw, Treasurer, Stacie Johnson; Board Members, Jean Cook, Joanie Cohen-Mitchell and Melissa Ehrenreich.

  • 2015-2016 GCF Annual Report
  • 2014 Annual report, which includes all grants since inception
  • GCF Strategic Plan Executive Summary – seeks to increase income to better serve all of Greenbelt’s neighborhoods
  • The Foundation is a fund under the umbrella of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region (CFNCR). As such, the GCF resources, along with more than 500 other donor advised funds, are thoughtfully managed by CFNCR staff and investment professionals.