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Part Time Administrator Needed!

The Foundation is seeking a p/t administrator to work from home about 10 hours a month. This person will organize and manage data, documents and meetings. Perform routine clerical and administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, and provide information and reports as needed. Click here for Administrator Job Description FEB17

To apply, please send your resume to

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GCF is Offering a New Service to it’s Grantees!

Greenbelt Community Foundation and Paradyme Management Have Teamed Up to Provide Interns to Greenbelt Nonprofits!

After a successful collaboration with Greenbelt Community Foundation’s 10th Anniversary, Paradyme Management, Inc. and Greenbelt Community Foundation are working together to pair skilled interns with local grantees. The interns will be involved in a variety of ways to assist the local nonprofit organizations, while developing their own skills throughout the process. They will be serving as pro bono consultants to the nonprofits and will provide them with needed support, as requested. As a result, GCF will be adding a new element to assist their grantees and Paradyme will be continuing in its community engagement efforts.

Short term interns will work on projects such as computer and technical assistance, social media/marketing, grant writing, researching funding opportunities, budget analysis and event planning.

If your organization is interested in this program please fill out an intake form by clicking here:

Intake Form

For more information please contact Joanie Cohen-Mitchell, Greenbelt Community Foundation, or Zach Goldman, Paradyme Management, Inc.

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Enriching Young Lives through Visual Arts Classes

The Greenbelt Access Television (GATE) hosts the 12th annual Utopia Film Festival the weekend of October 21, 22, and 23. The festival presents films that explore utopian visions in cultural, social, political, and environmental forms. It searches to highlight films that entertain, enlighten, and address themes such as community building, cultural diversity, social and economic concerns as well as environmental issues.

As part of the festival, children’s animated films created in this year’s Greenbelt Association for the Visual Arts (GAVA) will be screened on Sunday, October 23 from 11:00 am to noon at the Greenbelt Arts Center, 123 Centerway, Greenbelt. GAVA’s children’s animated film classes have been funded in the past by the Greenbelt Community Foundation (GCF.) This event will conclude the Greenbelt Community Foundation’s seven month long campaign, Explore Your Greenbelt, celebrating its 10th anniversary. The campaign, a series of 14 bi-monthly events, featured organizations that have received GCF funding. It was generously sponsored by Paradyme Management, Beltway Plaza, and Greenbelt News Review.

Two sisters, Alexandra and Olivia, are able to experience an enriched childhood by taking the classes offered by GAVA in GATE’s studio located on the second floor at the Greenbelt Community Center. GAVA offers a variety of classes targeted at educating people of all levels of experience.

Alexandra and Olivia both have enjoyed taking GAVA classes. Alexandra is twelve and in the seventh grade and Olivia is nine and in the fourth grade. Alexandra first began taking GAVA classes after she went on a field trip to the GATE studio and took a mini class. She loved the class and when she found out that the studio offered weekly classes, she signed up. Olivia first began taking classes because her mom heard positive remarks about the classes from her friends. In 2015, Olivia met Barbara Simon during the Labor Day Festival’s art show and because Simon was “so nice and encouraging”, Olivia wanted to try taking Simon’s painting class and decided to try other classes as well.

The two sisters have taken four GAVA classes so far: painting, printmaking, animation, and comic book/manga. Alexandra’s favorite class so far is animation and Olivia’s is comic book/manga. Alexandra’s favorite video she has created is “Justice’s Views on Pollution”. It is an informational video that encourages people to not pollute. A super dog named Justice talks about pollution and then uses his powers to clean up a beach, setting a good example for others to follow. She is currently working on an animated video about a trip to the moon. Olivia hasn’t finished her first animation yet but she has finished her own comic book. It is about a wild horse that gets lost and is eventually rescued and returned safely to the farm. In the future, she would like to make an animated film about puppies that get into trouble in their backyard. Alexandra says that she doesn’t have a favorite part about the GAVA classes because she loves everything about it. Olivia says that her favorite part is getting to see her completed work at the end of the class and seeing how much she was able to learn from the teachers. It is very easy to see the positive impact that the GAVA classes have had on Alexandra and Olivia.

Alexandra’s hobbies are ice skating, reading, and performing in plays. Olivia enjoys ice skating, playing with her dogs, and reading. She especially enjoys reading graphic novels. A fun fact about Alexandra is that she went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Al and got to participate in international space station mission simulations. She would someday like to become an architect or a civil engineer.  Olivia likes to make new friends and sometimes act silly. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

For more information, go to Your Greenbelt

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Grant Applications Due October 15, 2016

GCF is currently accepting grant applications for the Winter 2016 funding cycle.

Non-profit corporations and not-for-profit cooperative organizations are encouraged to apply.  Other groups that are pursuing projects consistent with the mission of the Foundation may still apply by partnering with an eligible non-profit.

Complete application must mailed to the Greenbelt Community Foundation – P.O. Box 234, Greenbelt, MD 20768, postmarked no later than  Ovtober 15, 2016

For application information, please click here.

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Old Greenbelt Theatre Provides Assistive Devices for the Deaf

By Anna Socrates

Nearly 77 years after the 1938 premiere of “Little Miss Broadway,” Sara Johnston finally understood why Shirley Temple appeals to audiences of all ages. Sara, a long-time Greenbelt resident, is deaf, and going to the movies wasn’t always easy. When the Old Greenbelt Theatre reopened in May 2015, Sara attended the official premiere, a screening of “Little Miss Broadway” that was captioned. The famous movie star gained a new fan now that Sara could read the upbeat song lyrics and Shirley’s optimistic dialogue.

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