Become a Donor

Greenbelters have always managed to find practical and creative ways to address problems and to make improvements that benefit community life.  In 2006, the Greenbelt Community Foundation (GCF) was formed to carry on this tradition, acting as a conduit for funding for projects that “build upon the Greenbelts ideals of collaboration, cooperation, and engagement” (from the GCF mission statement).

In our short tenure, the Foundation has provided over $150,000 in small grants for programs that enable local organizations to launch and carry out activities that make for a better Greenbelt.

Why Should I Donate?

Good things are happening here in Greenbelt and we would love for you to be a part of the excitement and growth through a contribution to the Greenbelt Community Foundation. Your gift today helps GCF grants possible. A pledge from you enables us to plan for the future by encouraging local organizations to think big and dream bigger.

Are you a big dreamer too? A multi-year commitment increases GCF’s ability to plan ahead and respond to even more new initiatives.

A gift to GCF is a great way to mark a special occasion. Celebrate the birth of a baby, honor a special wedding anniversary or remember the life of a loved one.

How do I donate?

Making a gift is easy!

  • By Check: print out the Greenbelt Community Foundation Donation Form. Make out your check to Greenbelt Community Foundation and return it and the form to: PO Box 234, Greenbelt, MD 20768
  • By Credit Card: Visit CFNCR (our umbrella organization) website. Under “Select the fund…”, look for Greenbelt Community Foundation.

Planned Giving


You may have a clear idea of how you want to do it, or you may still be working out the details. This is a great opportunity to partner with the Greenbelt Community Foundation to help you make an impact with your gift. Together we can make Greenbelt a better place.

Learn how to create a lasting legacy through immediate gifts or bequests – Download our brochure: Creating a Legacy: Planned Giving Option and then contact us to schedule a meeting with philanthropic professional at GCF.

It could lead to a partnership that could change your life—and the lives of countless others in Greenbelt.