Biz Kidz May 13 & 14

Biz Kidz May 13 & 14
FOGT_and Chair_ViceChair

The First Award went to “Building Bridges: Creating Community Thru Cinema” Friends of the Greenbelt Movie Theater – Develop a 10-part movie series that highlights past partnerships between GCF and Greenbelt community organizations as well as forge new partnerships through all neighborhoods of the city

Stop by the Biz Kidz (a GCF grant recipient) booth at the festival and get one of their delicious bicycle-blended smoothies May 13 and 14. Support this CHEARS program for 3rd-5th grade kids from Greenbelt West who are raising funds to support the Earth Squad, an after school homework and environmental education program in which many of us BizKidz participate.



The Second Award went to Greenbelt Middle School PTA’s “Art, Literature, and Leadership Initiative”. This initiative will focus upon youth empowerment thru character education and public speaking by establishing a student service leadership program enabling students to serve and support their community and obtain community service hours.