Spring 2017 Grant Awards Announced

GCF, in its Spring 2017 grant cycle, has awarded a grant to CHEARS $4,877  to combat climate change and educate Greenbelt. With efforts focused on composting and environmental literacy, CHEARS plans to host public workshops for all Greenbelt citizens. The Three Sisters Gardens and Food Forest will be targets for agricultural experiments, where CHEARS also plans to conduct compost soil research as an Earth Squad project. Earth squad is an after school program tutoring and mentoring program for elementary school children.

The project was inspired

Children involved in Earth Squad will help CHEARS with its 2017 grant project.

by the recent focus on the global climate and human impact on the environment. In an effort to reduce the human footprint in Greenbelt, CHEARS encourages “Urban Agriculture” and “Citizen Science” to improve conditions throughout the community. Citizens of all ages are encouraged to take an active role in keeping the community green and protecting the shared environment.

The second award went to the puppeteering troupe Alex & Olmstead, in conjunction with the Friends of the New Deal Café. Theyhave been awarded $2,500 to create a full-length presentation of their popular ‘Milo the Magnificent’ puppet show. The New Deal Café will host the performance in the Winter of 2017, after the premier at Black Cherry Puppet Theater.

In addition to the performance itself, Alex & Olmstead plan to host a workshop on puppeteering to the public. The workshop will include how to make and control your own puppets, as well as a history of puppeteering. For a quick interview with the troupe, check them out on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjyf3ouYT60.